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Celebration of the Remarkable Life of Regina Zielinski

Survivor of the Escape from Sobibor


When she was seventeen years old, Regina Zielinski (nee Feldman), a Jewish girl from Poland escaped as part of the only successful mass escape  of the war from Sobibor, the Nazi death camp where her family, among 250,000 Jewish people perished.  This is the  celebration of her amazing life –  torn from her family home , the 10 months of her imprisonment by the Nazis, her participation in the mass escape and ultimately of her survival .and inspirational life. After the escape and under an assumed name, Regina left her Polish hometown and made her way to Frankfurt,  Germany where she managed to survive the remaining eighteen months of the war working as a Nanny for a German family.  After the war, Regina left Europe as a migrant, and with her husband built a new life with her young family in Sydney, and later on in Adelaide, South Australia. Regina’s life is an extraordinary story of fate, luck, destiny and the remarkable strength it takes to transcend once of the most evil and tragic episodes of human history. To view “Conversations with Regina” click here

75th Commemoration of Kindertransport



The first Kindertransport arrived at Harwich, England on December 2, 1938.  Most transports left by train from Vienna, Berlin, Prague and other major cities (children from small towns travelled to meet the transports), crossed the Dutch and Belgian borders, and went on by ship to England. The transports ended with the outbreak of war in September 1939.

To view the visual of the 75th Commemoration of Kindertransport click here

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