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Jewish Community Services Inc (JCS) provides a number of volunteering opportunities to support and encourage individuals wanting to use their knowledge, enthusiasm and further develop their skills and experience.

We are currently seeking individuals who have a passion for gardening and to volunteer as a Community Garden Assistant in our new Active Choices. Active Gardeners program.

As a Community Garden Assistant, you will use your knowledge and love for gardening to assist eligible clients establish and/ or maintain a small area such as a vegetable patch, herb garden, flower bed or assist with basic & light garden maintenance. Community Garden Volunteers provide one to one support in the client’s home, and encourage maximum participation to promote active ageing and a philosophy of ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing for’.

In this rewarding role, you will carry out some of the following tasks:

  • Encourage clients to participate in basic home gardening tasks using JCS supplied gardening tools and equipment;
  • Assist the client undertake basic and various gardening activities including planting, watering, pruning, maintaining garden beds and harvesting produce;
  • Assist clients to make relevant choices with regard to setting up and/or maintaining a small garden area;
  • In consultation with the client, provide guidance and general advice about suitable materials, plants; and other     items required to undertake the tasks;

Like to learn more about this role?

To view the position description, click here


Emmon Wang, Coordinator, Home & Community Support Program

8363 5400 or email


Health SA Square

“Active Choices. Active Gardeners” is supported through funding received by SA Department of Health (Office for the Ageing) as part of the 2014/2015 Grants for Seniors program

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