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Our Community Engagement and Consultations page provides the latest updates and information to keep members of the Jewish community in South Australia informed and to ensure there are meaningful opportunities provided to our community to engage with JCS on issues that are important to them.

8 May 2017 – Trial of Delivered Frozen Kosher Meals

Following our update to the community on 7 April 2017, we are now exploring a once off trial of providing delivered frozen kosher meals to community members who expressed interest as part of the recent survey conducted during March.

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We have three individuals interested in participating in the trial, and we would like to extend the trial to another four community members to ensure we can maximise costs and can gain a broad range of feedback following the trial.  The trial will provide 7 individual frozen meals to each community member to sample, and there will be a once off contribution of only $15.00 for the 7 meals delivered to you.

To be eligible for the trial, you will need to be a current client receiving CHSP government funded services from JCS, or if you are not currently receiving services from JCS, you will need to be aged 65 years or older, and have kept a kosher diet or wish to ensure kosher dietary customs are maintained.

If you are interested in participating in this once off trial, please register your interest ASAP by contacting Emmon Wang on 8363 5400, or by email. Once we receive interest from individuals,  we will be in contact to discuss details further including providing a menu of kosher meal options that are available.

We would also like to encourage all community members receiving this email to forward on or discuss with others you think that may be interested and meet the eligibility criteria.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 8363 5400 or by email should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Frozen Kosher Meal Project in detail.  I look forward to providing further updates shortly.

Darren Meechan
General Manager

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7 April 2017 – Frozen Kosher Meal Project (Update following Survey)

JCS would like to update you on the Frozen Kosher Meal Project following the recent survey of community members conducted during March.

Below I have provided a quick snapshot of the survey results and outlined some of the steps we are currently undertaking as part of our commitment to exploring frozen kosher meal options. (If you wish to enlarge any of the statistics below, simply click on the image).

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We still have a lot of work to do, but I hope this quick snapshot provides an overview of where we are at with the Frozen Kosher Meal Project.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 8363 5400 or by email should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Frozen Kosher Meal Project in detail.  I look forward to providing further updates shortly.

Darren Meechan
General Manager

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8 March 2017 – Frozen Kosher Meal Project

As there is no kosher caterer or kosher meals preparation service in SA, we understand that this is an issue and concern, particularly for some older members of the Jewish community who have kept a kosher diet all their lives.

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The team at JCS are committed to exploring options to be able to provide subsidised frozen kosher meals in the future, initially for our older community members who are eligible to access our Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) funded services.

JCS is seeking input and assistance from members of the Jewish community to participate in a short survey that will assist with further scoping and costing of providing frozen kosher meals in the future.

We encourage all community members to participate in this survey and provide any additional comments you feel are of importance. Feel free to let other community members know who may not have internet access and unable to complete this survey.

Click Here to Participate and Complete the JCS Frozen Kosher Meal Project Survey

If you have any questions regarding the Frozen Kosher Meal Project, please contact me on 8363 5400 or email

Darren Meechan
General Manager

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2 March 2017 – Community Engagement Update

At the JCS AGM last December, our Chairman outlined his commitment and the strategy for JCS to strengthen and engage more effectively by working collaboratively with the Jewish community to explore the needs and views of community members and to inform our strategic planning for how JCS can best support the well-being of current and future community members.

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Dr. Anna Gregory, Health Services Researcher, facilitated a short session outlining the current changes occurring in the aged care sector, including shifts in aged care funding and challenges faced by aged care providers. A short survey was also distributed seeking methods that individuals would like to provide feedback and key topics community members would like to see addressed in future consultations.

“What might be needed both now and into the future, supporting the health and well-being of all members of the Jewish Community”?

Based on survey responses received, the most popular method of feedback for future consultations was participating in a focus group with a range of suggested topics grouped in common categories that included:

The community focus group held on 29 January 2017 was attended by eleven individuals that represented clients currently receiving services from JCS, volunteers who engage regularly with JCS staff and clients, community members with previous experience as board members and informal carers.

The key themes that emerged from the overall focus group discussion were:

  • Communication disconnects.
  • Perceived “crisis of identity” for JCS.
  • Where do volunteers belong?
  • Willingness to contribute and move forward.

Drawing together the main themes from across all of the consultations, in summary the main issues are:

  • Lack of clarity about JCS vision and purpose
  • Differing expectations between JCS and the broader Jewish community
  • Uncertainty about the extent to which JCS can provide services other than aged care.
  • Mixed understandings about the role of volunteers, in JCS and other programs.
  • An ongoing need for Jewish cultural training.
  • A need for stronger and clearer communication from JCS to the Jewish community about JCS service offerings, service constraints and volunteering programs.

Dr. Gregory provided her JCS Community Consultations Report February 2017 to the JCS Board of Management and outlined several recommendations which are being considered by the Board.

Promoting and improving communication and depth of engagement between JCS and clients, volunteers and the broader community is an area that the JCS Board have identified requiring immediate action.

The JCS Board are currently prioritising other recommendations, including addressing many of them through the upcoming JCS Strategic Planning session scheduled for 26 March 2017 with specific goals to determine the vision and purpose of JCS and analyse other business aspects of JCS service delivery.  (Further information about our strategic directions and priorities will be available in our upcoming newsletter).

Thank you to all community members that have participated in our recent consultations. We look forward to providing further updates shortly.

Darren Meechan
General Manager

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12 January 2017 – Community Engagement Focus Group

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Sunday, 29 January 2017
1:30pm to 3:00pm
Beit Shalom Synagogue – 39 Hackney Road, HackneyWe are pleased to confirm that a focus group will be facilitated by Dr. Anna Gregory on Sunday, 29 January 2017, and we invite all members of the Jewish community to attend and participate in further discussion about how Jewish Community Services can best:

  • Respect the identity and culture of Jewish people, while delivering JCS services.
  • Respond to Jewish Community needs.
  • Communicate effectively with JCS clients and the broader Jewish community.

To confirm your attendance at the focus group on Sunday, 29 January 2017, simply click on the RSVP link below or telephone the JCS office on 8363 5400.

RSVP to Community Engagement Focus Group on Sunday, 29 January
We look forward to seeing as many community members on the day, and for those community members not able to attend, all updates and progress will be communicated regularly.


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4 January 2017 – Update from Feedback Preferences Received

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Thank you from Dr. Anna Gregory to everybody who sent in their ideas about preferred methods of providing feedback to JCS, and suggested topics for consultations.

From 18 survey responses, the methods of feedback preferred were:

  • Focus groups (13 people)
  • Interview (8 people)
  • Talking direct to JCS staff (8 people)
  • Anonymous survey (3 people)
  • Other (1 person) – Carers coffee club

The most common categories for topics for further consultations (and numbers responses for these topics) were:

  • Jewish community connection, social inclusion, and culturally appropriate response to Jewish community needs (11 responses)
  • Communicationbetween JCS staff, clients, carers and the broader Jewish community  (6 responses)
  • Support for the elderly how to navigate aged care systems, home based services (6 responses)
  • Carer supportcaring for carers (2 responses)

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8 December 2016 – Feedback Sought as part of JCS Community Consultations

We would like to thank community members who attended the JCS Annual General Meeting, followed by the first of our Community Engagement sessions facilitated by Dr Anna Gregory.

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We are keen to reach as many community members as possible to ensure that there is an opportunity to participate in our Community Engagement sessions.

If you would like to participate in discussions, interviews or forums as part of our Community Engagement and provide feedback as part of the consultations, we encourage you to complete the following link to indicate your preference to provide feedback.


We will be in contact shortly!

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