Community Visitors Scheme

What is the Community Visitors Scheme?

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is a national program that is funded by the Australian Government.

The CVS aims to improve the quality of life for people living in aged care facilities or at home who may face loneliness and social isolation. JCS have volunteers within the community who can be carefully matched to spend time with you or your loved one.

Visits are relaxed and social in nature; the aim of the CVS is to improve the quality of life for an older person by providing friendship, companionship and a link to the community.

The CVS is a long running and well regarded program that has been operating across Australia for more than 20 years. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we have heard many stories about great friendships being forged.

How the CVS works

Clients are carefully matched by our  Coordinators, taking care to consider similar interests, cultural background and language.

Clients can request to be matched with  someone who speaks a language other than English.

The Community Visitor program is free and visiting times are arranged to suit you.

We work with the client to identify how the time together can be spent. Together, our volunteer and client can spend time enjoying a movie, a drive in the local neighborhood, visiting places locally or simply catching up for a chat.

Download our CVS Brochure

What is involved in being a community visitor?

CVS community visitors offer friendship, social opportunities and a connection to the community for older people who live at home. It’s well known that humans are social creatures and that having someone to talk to and spend time with enhances our well-being.  It just feels good!

Community visitors are committed to developing and sustaining a friendship with an older person over a period of time, and we ensure they have a genuine interest in helping older people to stay socially involved and connected to their communities.  We ask our volunteers to commit to at least two hours of volunteering per fortnight.

You will be provided with support materials and guidelines about your professional boundaries as a volunteer, and you will participate in orientation and training with our Coordinator.

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