Exciting times ahead for JCS as we become an approved aged care provider.  


3 April 2017

On 30 March 2017, the Department of Health announced that JCS had been approved as an aged care provider, which means we can deliver home care packages.

What does this mean for JCS?  

The changes enable JCS to enter a less regulated, competitive and market based aged care system, to deliver higher levels of support when a consumers needs change that will ensure continuity of care is maintained.


How do the changes impact the existing JCS community?  

For our consumers within the Jewish community, these changes provide the opportunity for individuals to choose JCS as their preferred provider if ever they need to transition to a Home Care Package as their support needs change.

The changes will also offer those consumers within the Jewish community who have previously received support from JCS under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) to return to us if they are receiving their Home Care Package from another provider.

What does this mean for those who are not yet part of the JCS family?  

We welcome all individuals from within the diverse aged care community of metropolitan Adelaide who are thinking about changing their home care package provider or about to commence a home care package in the future.

Why choose JCS?  

Founded in our Jewish ethos, we are a vibrant, welcoming community that is respectful of the needs of all people.  Our mission is to provide a unique and quality service supporting the Adelaide community.  We believe that as a small provider of aged care services and with our simplistic model and close knit team, we can easily innovate, redesign and quickly adapt to change and make decisions ensuring that the consumer is at the centre of everything that we do.

JCS will remain a small niche aged care provider with a focus on providing high quality home and community support for the South Australian Jewish Community, and welcome other community members to join the JCS family.

When do the changes take place?  

We expect to be able to offer home care packages from early May 2017 to our existing consumers who are currently receiving CHSP services from us and are awaiting approval for a home care package, or considering moving to a home care package soon and want to remain with JCS.

In readiness for the official announcement, the JCS team have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we are well equipped to commence delivering home care packages, including forming new partnerships with larger, proficient community aged care organisations with similar values to JCS. Such partnerships are central to ensuring JCS can effectively support and deliver a broad range of clinical, home and community support services to a diverse range of consumers.


Further Information

Visit our Consumer Directed Care page.