Advocacy Policy

All clients of JCS have the opportunity to choose, access and utilise an advocate of their choice. View Policy

Gifts and Benefits Policy

This policy provides a framework for the acceptance of Gifts and Benefits in the course of official duties. View Policy

Charter of Rights & Responsibilities for Home Care

On 1 July 2019, a single Charter of Aged Care Rights (the Charter) came into effect. It replaced previous charters of care recipients’ rights and responsibilities.

View Charter

National Guide to the CHSP Client Contribution Framework

The Framework has been developed to assist with the establishment of flexible options for client contribution arrangements. View the Guide

Cancellations & Non Attendances Policy

JCS policy for client cancellations, non attendance of a service, or not being at home for the agreed time of service. View Policy

Privacy Policy

The purpose of the privacy policy is to inform you about the personal information handling practices of JCS. View Policy

Contributions and Fees Policy

JCS policy to ensure an equitable approach to determining client contributions for CHSP funded programs and services that ensures compliance with the National CHSP Client Contribution Framework to safeguard clients by maintaining fees to a minimum that is consistent with the level of services they receive. View Policy

Health & Safety Policy Statement

The safety and welfare of our people is our most important value. We are determined to operate our business so as to ensure that all our employees, volunteers, clients and contractors and the communities in which we operate are kept free of injury and illness.  To view our Work, Health & Safety Policy Statement, click here

Feedback and Complaints Policy

This policy provides clear guidelines for JCS to respond to all complaints and feedback including suggestions and compliments. View Policy